Homeschool application

This week I will be resubmitting my report for registration for my youngest home schooler.

It is amazing as earlier this year I seemed to struggle so much with it but now I feel older and wiser. the words just seemed to flow onto the computer screen without a glitch at all.

I am so relieved as I think they gave me two weeks notice to reapply but I think I have already written three pages so far. It will be a breeze this time around.

Like most home schoolers that start out I tried three or four different curriculums this year. It can take a while to figure out the right one for your homeschool. Then you think you could do more of different aspects of your homeschool program. Then you think am I giving one child more attention and time than the other. As it turns out my ADHD child tends to need more time as the focus and explaining of what she needs to do is absolutely critical.

I believe I will have to spend some time just going through and marking my sons work at some stage in the next month because I have to reapply for homeschool registration for him too. There is going to be a lot to mark!

My biggest downfall is that I am not a very organized person so of course I have left marking my sons work till last minute as it is on his computer and I really prefer a teachers guide to I can flick through some pages. The math’s is easy though the program marks itself so I wont have to worry about that.

If I were to improve my daughters work or look for gaps it would probably be she doesn’t do enough writing. May need to rectify that a little bit as her redistration does not run out until February but this has to be in shortly.

For anyone else also going though this process good luck wherever you are.

Emma Mum of two homeschoolers in Australia.

Start of the holidays

Game of water basketball 🏀

Hello there, it is summer in Australia and I am at the pool with my son and his friend.

It is Good to see the children having fun. They are fourteen and if you know teenagers it is hard to get them off the gaming console…

I have been homeschooling my youngest daughter of seven and have put her in day care today and the break is great I have to say. She has ADHD and if you have ever known the drama that entails you would understand my sigh of relief. She gets to muck around with children all day playing and I enjoy the peace…

Not long till Christmas and I am not looking forward to wrapping all the presents…

We are having a rather wet summer in Tasmania. It is like the rain and sun are wresting lately. It is so choppy and changy lately. So I guess it will be video games and pool visits. Besides the pool there are only little children’s indoor entertainment complexes. The joys of living in a small state.

I like to go to the gym for fun though I am not sure too many people who classify working out as fun.

Hope you all have a happy holiday season wherever you are and stay covid free. 🙂

In the rain


Our trip to the beach she felt free here.

So I have decided to homeschool my daughter.

It has not been an easy decision as I worry about her socially but I think if she doesn’t like it she will be begging to go back to school.

So let’s start with why I would homeschool.

I live in Australia, my daughter has ADHD and I also have some form of it I’m told though I’m sceptical because I’m not constantly moving my body like someone with ADHD it’s just my attention span.

So because she has ADHD she struggles socially and I think because of her behaviour struggles to maintain friendships. She also cannot stay on task and LOVES to talk a lot. Of course my Mother tells me she needs more discipline…

I know she is a lot happier with me or one on one with another child she gets along with but that only lasts so long. We have tantrums or outbursts with other children which other people don’t understand.

So I’m looking forward to next year I can teach her in a way that is better for her.

ADHD medication or not?

Home from school with a sniffle

ADHD is what my daughter has but is it just a term for the more active child or is it really the way the mind works and they are different. I’m told pills will help her mind… I know with stimulants they keep the mind awake so guess she will also need sleeping pills.

The benefits outweigh the cons involved with medication and my mind is doing overtime and I don’t thing stimulants should be taken without careful consideration.

When I had my daughter I had no idea I could have a child with ADHD, I knew my brother had it growing up and that my cousin was super active but it is a whole other ball game to have a child with it.

I think the worst place I take her is the super market where she will be twirling around and dancing or just zigzagging and nearly bumping into people all the time. Yes I get the weird looks and she always wants lollies but sugar is like speed to her body sends her into overdrive or something. Even just the slice of cake she had today can make her energetic but too many sweets can send her into an angry state and I’m trying to avoid that.

Sometimes I think what if I don’t medicate her? I think she would grow a real hatred for school because she goes on the chair a lot and feel bad that she gets told off all the time. So many teachers don’t understand her condition and school is suited to kids with a good attention span. I will see what the future will bring.

The strangest thing about school with my daughter is that she loves one teacher but not the other. The second teacher puts her on the thinking seat a lot so it is quite hard to get her to go to school those days. The first teacher doesn’t seem to have a problem with her in the classroom but accept she seems to talk when she isn’t supposed to.

plodding on


Every day is a storm waiting to happen. You think it is going to be a bright day but then you are attacked by overcast clouds just lingering in the sky waiting to take over.

The sun keeps fighting to get through the clouds, it is an outright battle in the sky. Maybe the sun pushes through for a while but you know that eventually the darkness will takeover.

Weather is so unpredictable just like life, it may look dark but then boom! The sun shines through or it could be a bright day and then a dark angry looking cloud comes along.

Every day is different and unique, always changing, always evolving into something new. What will tomorrow bring? Another tragedy in the news? A surprise? Some good news? New friends or experiences? Or both? Tell me what will your tomorrow bring?

By Emma…