ADHD medication or not?

Home from school with a sniffle

ADHD is what my daughter has but is it just a term for the more active child or is it really the way the mind works and they are different. I’m told pills will help her mind… I know with stimulants they keep the mind awake so guess she will also need sleeping pills.

The benefits outweigh the cons involved with medication and my mind is doing overtime and I don’t thing stimulants should be taken without careful consideration.

When I had my daughter I had no idea I could have a child with ADHD, I knew my brother had it growing up and that my cousin was super active but it is a whole other ball game to have a child with it.

I think the worst place I take her is the super market where she will be twirling around and dancing or just zigzagging and nearly bumping into people all the time. Yes I get the weird looks and she always wants lollies but sugar is like speed to her body sends her into overdrive or something. Even just the slice of cake she had today can make her energetic but too many sweets can send her into an angry state and I’m trying to avoid that.

Sometimes I think what if I don’t medicate her? I think she would grow a real hatred for school because she goes on the chair a lot and feel bad that she gets told off all the time. So many teachers don’t understand her condition and school is suited to kids with a good attention span. I will see what the future will bring.

The strangest thing about school with my daughter is that she loves one teacher but not the other. The second teacher puts her on the thinking seat a lot so it is quite hard to get her to go to school those days. The first teacher doesn’t seem to have a problem with her in the classroom but accept she seems to talk when she isn’t supposed to.

plodding on


Every day is a storm waiting to happen. You think it is going to be a bright day but then you are attacked by overcast clouds just lingering in the sky waiting to take over.

The sun keeps fighting to get through the clouds, it is an outright battle in the sky. Maybe the sun pushes through for a while but you know that eventually the darkness will takeover.

Weather is so unpredictable just like life, it may look dark but then boom! The sun shines through or it could be a bright day and then a dark angry looking cloud comes along.

Every day is different and unique, always changing, always evolving into something new. What will tomorrow bring? Another tragedy in the news? A surprise? Some good news? New friends or experiences? Or both? Tell me what will your tomorrow bring?

By Emma…